Some things both the parent and the pediatrician should be asking your child often

Safe: free of hurt, pain, injury, hitting, frequent screaming, hunger, scary images, words, or uncomfortable touching/people.

Yearly Well child visits are meant to be pretty thorough.

The questionnaires do ask plenteous questions that are designed to recognize problems and foster any necessary intervention.

A hang up I have with these appointments is that my child is not asked more than one question directly from the practitioner during the visit. …

That is, unless you just don’t care about the subject matter.

Recently, I wrote a story that was ploddy and exposing.

It included me as one of the subjects because my personal experience as a single mother in the government assistance programs in America is so shameful that it merits attention.

To see that under 10 people cared to read it was exactly my point in writing the article.

America has so many working poor who stay in the same position financially, often generationally, because of corrupt and purposefully defeating assistance programs strategized by wealthy lawmakers to keep the class…

Addressing the pervasive “Christian” character in the US and what the rest of us can do about it

Identifying the Enemy of Grace

I know you know one of them or many of them. They are everywhere.

They dominate government, religion, and politics but without compassion, grace and mercy the very characteristics their leader, my leader, Christ Jesus, exonerates the believer to extend.

Why do they think they have all our answers to things they have never experienced?

Why do they hide all their fallacies and condemn us for the same ones?

And why do they commit an enormity of the same immorality they speak out on in America, while isolating and finger pointing the rest of us?

Who am I referring to?

American and global corporations are not the avenue to your success

This article is for the average person who is looking for a permanent change, but may not know where to start. I am a newbie to this as well and am just passing on what I have learned in the process thus far.

Corporate America is A Fail to a Productive, Safe Society…and It is Inherently Dishonest and Dangerous

I worked the healthcare field for 27 years. I am currently on hiatus due to raising a special needs grandson and treatment for breast cancer.

I entered management in my…

You can change your destiny.

Our income is a sensitive and precarious thing.

If we don’t work for ourselves exclusively, our livelihood depends on surviving Corporate America’s corrupt, flim flam, and inhumane treatment of its employees.

To keep a job, it has become imperative to keep our mouths closed when we see and experience discrimination, unfair business practises, and outright lying from corporate and immediate management.

If you speak out, stand up, or attempt to make independent changes, even when it is your within your job description, you will be bullied, intimidated and sooner or later…fired.

The message is do not rock the boat, even when you are going down with it. Your income, well being, and future are not the concern of your employer…company profit is the only and ultimate goal.

You do have another choice.

A Facebook Forum for help/encouragement.

I am in tears reading how many mothers/grandmothers are as desperate as I have been and remain for the full healing and recovery of our children and grandchildren from drug addiction.

More than 5,000 members and counting are on this forum and their heartbreak and tears are as fresh and rending as my own.

I am floored and torn by the sheer number of mothers whose children are heroin and meth addicts, as my son and birth mother of my grandson are.

My son is now in long term help at a healing ranch and…

I wanted to die. This was my worst fear for my children realized.

I have an immensely talented, strong, protective, intelligent, handsome firstborn son.

My heart melts every time I see him because all I see is his big heart and kind inner nature that he works so hard to keep discreet…because these characteristics make him feel he’s vulnerable.

Twenty-five years ago, someone took advantage of his personality, using the convenience of their relationship with him to destroy his identity, confidence, and life path through horrible forms of sexual abuse.

He and I have never fully recovered.

I extend an…

Simple acts that yield immediate hope

Warning: this story contains sensitive topic and wording.

This is not a nurse’s story. It is a mother’s story.

When Innocence is Shattered

I sat at the farm-style dinner table just getting ready to breastfeed my newborn. My other two sons were sitting at the table with me, waiting for my then common-law husband to bring their dinner plates.

As I arranged Landon at my chest to feed, the phone rang. I stated out loud that it was a counselor calling that I’d waited on. My oldest son, Jo, asked if the counselor was for him. …

Paul Christian Vaughn

There are some people in this world that really stand out.

They are the quiet ones not drawing attention to themselves as a habit, but when others take a closer look at them, they find an incredible source of inspiration and realize that they are in the presence of greatness when spending time with them.

Such people are humble, kind, thoughtful, and work tirelessly for others behind the scenes, which is why they are generally not noticed until others bring them into the spotlight.

Meet such a person. Paul Christian Vaughn, is a Dallas-based, experienced musician and actor who is building his own video and editing business.

Paul walks with purpose, speaks with authority, and brings great humor to every conversation.

Please take a look at some of his work and get to know him.

Even better, hire him.

But their previous decisions keep you in bondage.

It is important to me that I relate to others who are touched by and suffer through someone else’s or their own addiction through sharing my personal story and feelings. This story is not meant to elicit pity. It is meant to expose and validate the feelings that family members of an addict experience through both active addiction and sobriety of their friend or family member. Please read it as such.

I am recognizing my own current compromised mental health condition.

My experience with the violation and elimination of boundaries in others’ addiction.

I am now 52 years old. I have had virtually no boundaries respected since I was 24 years old…

Christina Vaughn: Nurse, writer, creator

Medicine, wellness/mental health, addiction/parenting. See my blog Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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