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There’s no writer on the Medium platform, top writer or not, that has broad stretches of time in their day to live the life as an author that we all dream about.

Even those writers achieving success on Medium through recognition, a monthly income to live on, or just great bonuses struggle to get out their work, handle mundane daily business, and care for the family.

I appreciate so much that Tom has introduced this wonderful platform for quick quotes and ideas that stimulate our minds, reading and psyche.

It is a quick, easy avenue for us…

Many times they are living an alternate reality and need your intervention.

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It is no secret that the world has an agenda to place us all on a tortuous fast-track and rewards those that sacrifice everything precious in this life just to “get ahead.’

This reality forces parents to do too many things at once and to unintentionally cattle-shuffle our children.

Deadlines, schedules, appointments, rehearsals, homework, etc. so often leave our vulnerable children in a state of wide-eyed numbness and confusion.

Thus, they can easily become targets/victims for abuse, bullying, loneliness, and isolation which lead to despair and depression.


They are so easily disregarded.

Sandy Miller on

They are rushed, dirty, and appear terrified.

Small children following older children in Walmart, children in mismatched clothes or dirty pajamas, hurried by the arm by an adult who just looks “off.”

Young children standing in blatant sexual posture, alone, on a street corner.

The only people who can save those enslaved are the ones who are still free to do so.

We have the power to change and restore the innocent lives of children trafficked.

Entities whose profits hinge on the vulnerable innocent must be widely exposed and brought to justice. …

I just could not make the move to end it

Wilhelm Gunkel on

For years during my marriage and since my divorce, I have sought to understand this.

My father did not abuse me and I had not had a string of abusive relationships prior to meeting my husband. I was also the main, and eventually, the sole breadwinner in the family.

I have never been weak. I remember feeling strong and invincible, even as a young child. I knew I was a being with a strong voice and spirit and I was afraid of nothing at all.

And yet, I married someone who made a conscious choice to pursue debauchery, evil, and…

And is easier to attain and sustain than we believe

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What is wisdom?

There are many famous and intellectual quotes on the definition.

The best one, in my opinion, sums up the word and the attribute stating that “wisdom is the knowledge of what is right to do and then doing it.”

This concept on paper seems so simple. So, why isn’t it so many times?

What does it take for us to move from what we know is the right thing to do…to doing it?

I believe it has much to do with an individual’s state of mental health.

Consistently making hasty, reckless, emotional, or impatient decisions wear down our mental health…


My children and grandchildren would never develop courage had I held back

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I am a nurse.

I am also a rebel, a non-conformist.

I have always balked at “The Man.”

True nonconformity calls for action and a keen sense of what you are resisting…or advocating for.

The Covid19 pandemic elicited many theories about disease, medicine, truth, and especially national and global government intentions towards us all.

I have researched many diverse media-labeled conspiracy theories…and I find the unpopular results of that research as to the validity of the information to be unsettlingly viable.

Unfortunately, many of these “theories” are simply…

The medical community does not have the last say in your healthcare

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During the Covid19 pandemic, I had two family members seriously affected by the virus. One lived; the other did not.

My brother and I aggressively and persistently advocated for my 72-year-old father’s life while he was admitted to the hospital this year with Covid symptoms. I am convinced our advocacy for his health and well-being is the sole reason he is alive today.

Sadly, though loved and supported by our whole family, my uncle did not receive the same type of intensive and persistent intervention that my father did. …

Even as a clinician, my Breast Cancer Medicaid status has drastically altered my healthcare delivery and my outcome, and I am not the only one.

National Cancer Institute on

I have had many patients on Medicaid who were war veterans, college professors, travelling dance instructors, former nurses, scientists, teachers, and many other professions as well as others with no profession. They were all valuable lives.

My personal experience as a nurse and Medicaid patient with breast cancer

January 7th of this year, I had a 3D Mammogram to rule out breast cancer based on its strong history on my mother’s side.

January 14th, I received a very hesitant and apprehensive call from my nurse practitioner giving me the diagnosis of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma of the right breast. She was…

I have just a few hairs left on my head

Angelina Litvin

Writing was always my favorite.

In 1973, at age five years old, I created a journal for my Class 2 teacher in England, Mrs. Dawson, for a class project and in that experience the writer-me was born.

Although I hoarded many poems, stories, and personal renditions of life in boxes in my room through my teens, marriages, divorces, and the rest of life thus far, I actually did not follow that calling actively until 2019 when I signed up with Medium.

Soon after this, I felt the age-old summons to…

Christina Vaughn: Nurse, writer, creator

Medicine, wellness/mental health, addiction/parenting. See my blog Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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