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I hate that my youngest son is a 4th generation addict. Did it have to happen that way? No.

At 23 years old, he is the only one left alive in a paternal line of addiction. I fight alongside him every day in this terrible curse in the pursuit to help keep him alive.

My article here defines the prejudice and neglect suffered in today’s society by children of addiction and solutions for preventing generational addiction. It explains why the blanket expectation of generational drug abuse per the children of addicts is a lie.

Most of our struggle to help…

Please weigh research, healthcare, and treatment decisions based on each individual patient, not on a chart/graph.

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As a nurse, I have something to say to physicians

I have worked in multiple specialties over the last 30 years, the last 20 years as a nurse. The best care my patients received from their physicians was always from the doctors who rejected wholly data-focused treatment plans. In fact, those patients that received the best level of care had physicians who knew them personally through the time spent with them in the office, on the phone, and in the hospital.

The doctor’s knowledge of the individual patient and their unique conditions and situation was the basis of the decisions…

Here are five reasons to take this lifestyle seriously

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As parents we all worry about our child’s schooling. Whether it’s a safety concern, a social concern, or strictly an educational one, we are faced with fork-in-the-road decisions not once, but several times in our child’s school life.

Although the public school system has been the general go-to for most working parents, the truth of the matter is that our American school system is gravely lacking in meeting the needs of both students and teachers.

Funding is low, student and teacher initiative is lower, and unbelievably rigorous testing requirements have stolen children’s availability to actual grade level education and teacher’s…

How one of many unique experiences as a missionary’s child fostered my love for writing.

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As a small girl, my life was anything but boring.

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1968 in the middle of the Free Love Movement. My mom was a writer and student at UTA. My dad, well, let’s suffice it to say, he had been working on his hippie persona for awhile.

By the time I came along, my dad had thrown out his moccasin boots and joint clips for a uniform, a gun, and a potential tour in Vietnam.

When I turned…

I was covering up more than wrinkles.

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I always try my best to look nice and attractive at my age of 52, despite the worn appearance that Miami MD skin cream, coconut lotion and L'Oreal struggle to hide.

I like to dress up every day, although my days are spent either getting to the doctor for my continued consults for breast cancer treatment or just working around the house, doing school work, and writing.

I wear makeup most days. For me…not anyone else.

Tuesday, I just wanted to write. I did not want to spend the hour or more it…

Sharing this helps me get through and understand it

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Human mortality is fragile.

I am by creation and by nature a strong person. I have endured much in my 52 years. High levels of stress and sorrow have accompanied me in most areas of my life, and I have taken them all in stride.

Addiction in my husband and my youngest son injured my mental health. My daughter’s multiple diagnoses marred my happiness, and poverty stole away our opportunities.

But I have always been happy to be alive.

Until very recently, despite all my life challenges, the only thing never compromised was my mortality.

This changed with a Stage…

Usually, we have to. How I manage this fact and my availability to write.

I lay on my bed exhausted at 9:47 p.m. I look over at my computer and sigh.

I have just spent the entire evening reading to, playing with, caring for and cajoling to bed a little 4-year old boy.

I had plans all day to sit down a write on the subject most close to my heart, the struggle of addiction in heroin addicts. I have plenteous recounts and stories and medical takes on the subject.

However, the irony is that, because of my youngest son’s…

Matilda, these symptoms you describe are so common and so potentially deadly. I have them myself and as a recent diagnosis of breast cancer has altered my step, I will seek to confirm that I do not have ovarian concerns. My young daughter has the same issues. Interesting that we have so many symptoms and yet, across the board, many ob/gyn's were instructed 10 years ago to stop doing pelvic exams and Paps on women over 50.

Such an addiction alters the order of life; how to restore it.

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Just a glimpse into our lives:

When I first decided two years ago to write about my son’s heroin addiction, his girlfriend’s addicted pregnancy, and my first grandson, Charlie, who has suffered the consequences of their lifestyles, I was afraid of relaying both too much information and, more importantly, not sharing enough.

I wanted to reach out to others going through the same and similar things and I desperately hoped doing so would help our situation, as well. …

I see this pub and my inner child says take the opportunity. The abused 14 year old inside me says "Run. They will want to know what happened to you." I have written only 2 stories in my life about my sexual abuse and the sexual abuse of my oldest child when he was so small. They were incredibly difficult to pen, all the while I cried and had panic attacks. I think I could feel safe here to explore more about the effects of the abuse on both my son and myself. I would like to become a writer, please.

Christina Vaughn: Nurse, writer, creator

Medicine, wellness/mental health, addiction/parenting. See my blog flourishmedicinehealthandaddiction.com. Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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