Innate human logic requires action.

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To critically think for oneself, and especially to voice perspectives that challenge the status quo, is unpopular, discouraged, and strategically hindered by global leadership.

When abrupt action is necessary and inevitable to change the dehiscence of society, a common notion re-surfaces, with the intention of replacing necessitative human action.

This notion parrots that the current condition of the world is no worse than it was for previous generations…that global discord and distrust between countries has always been, that the decline of morality is ever-present , and that maladies, such as trafficking and orchestrated death of masses, “just is” in the…

Addiction and overdose during pregnancy alter a child’s life for good.

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Because our world is as technologically advanced as it is, it is incomprehensible that the medical field has not prioritized aggressively seeking the intensive research of the lasting effects of an addicted pregnancy, especially those that include multi-overdose.

Though a handful of incomplete studies have occurred, addressing addiction during pregnancy and the tragic, developmental and subverted growth and health of the affected unborn of addiction is a subject many medical providers continue to find taboo, or inconsequential, at best.

Lasting and innate rejection occurs within a growing fetus’ psyche…

Critical Thinking Is Imperative, Now

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There is no easy way to address this fact in the face of the world’s current state.

We are not here in this pandemic, or in the globally poor state of near non-existent human morality, by accident.

Over the course of time, especially the last fifty years, segregated members of society have made willfully evil decisions to forcibly and effectively rob the general global population of our rights and lives, while most of us have passively denied or ignored the subtle manifestations of those evil decisions, generation over generation.

The result is the blatant disregard…

An eyewitness account of two local not busy ER backroom, lobby, and staff.

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The Initial Discrepancy: A “Full” Emergency Room Proclamation

Last Friday, my daughter and I walked into an Austin Baylor Scott and White emergency room as one of three total ER patients. There were no other patients in the emergency department. There were a total of four to five cars in the entire employee parking garage.

When my daughter was brought back from the lobby to the emergency department, she noted that all other rooms, except for the two holding the other two patients we walked in with, were empty. …

A paper on how prenatal drug use and overdose traumatize a new life before birth

Lincoln Hammonds, photographer

As a fetus, Charlie endured hearing his mother gasp for life during three heroin overdoses, heard the constant fighting and screaming between his birth mother and my son, endured severe malnutrition second to his parents’ homelessness, felt the poisonous effects of multiple substance abuse, and was the victim of the subsequent, injurious, powerful negative stress hormones pulsing through his mother’s veins.

The Origin of A New Trauma-Related Diagnosis

Addiction and overdose result in deep shame, guilt, and fear for persons suffering from addiction.

Most addicts report a heavy burden of anger and disgust for themselves for their addicted state. Subsequently, they acknowledge an absence of self-worth, which…

Change It.

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Experiencing An Unfortunately Common, Poor Standard of Care

A rheumatology resident of UT Health here in Austin was only one of my daughter’s many specialty providers for her Map (Austin city health program) coverage.

We had waited months to be seen as Hematology bounced us off to Rheumatology, disregarding and passing off the need to investigate why my daughter had suffered two strokes before the age of 18 and why she’s had hypertension since childhood.

My daughter sat on the table and waited an eternity for the resident to arrive.

When he finally appeared, he sauntered in with a swagger, did not ask my daughter one question, and…

Neglect can cause more devastation than physical abuse.

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Many of us do not come into this world and receive the love and attention from our parents that we innately deserve and need.

The complete dismissal of the existence and value of a person forms a prison in the mind, spirit, and body of that child.

Love for and of the self and real love from other sources are the only avenues to those prison walls being torn down, giving that human being the desire and ability to live their life as they were created to do.

If self love and…

How childhood neglect impacts a life

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“I wanted a girl, but he was born.”

A person’s birth order is significant. A parent’s lack of love for an unexpected child is much more significant.

The role we perceive is ours in our family, teaches us who we are in the world. We are uniquely inserted into a family by divinity, but oftentimes our place in our family, or the importance of our place in our family, does not appear to be divine at all.

In fact, many children grow up with the distinct understanding that their birth seemed unnecessary and even problematic to one or both of…

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