Hi, Laura. I read and re-read your comment today. It is not comprehensible to think that a hands on nurse would not have an understanding of all facets of disease processes when that subject is a major component of the everyday life of a nurse. A nurse’s education is not just in his/her bookwork prior to practice. It is in the inexplicable carrying out of that education that a nurse’s expertise is born and bred. We develop an intuition and an eye for the realistic, tragic and insidious workings of trauma, malfunction and disease affecting the body, spirit and minds of our patients at any and all ages. We understand how disease lurks, operates and is controlled, subdued or perhaps has the power to overrun. In this experience, education and expertise, a nurse, or anyone with common sensibilities, can derive from the current world situation that something is not right is Denmark….or China, or America, or Africa…you get the picture.

In addition, if herd immunity were the answer, it would be wise to say HIV, cancer and addiction should be targeted for forced vaccination, per say…but herd immunity at the hands of powerful multi-billionaires will not produce a less ill global community. Rather it is an immensely dangerous tool being controlled by those that have over those who do not have…producing nothing more than herd slavery, that due to the true intentions of forces whose agenda includes removing individuality and freedoms of the common man. This is not difficult to research.

Lastly, wisdom and insight into the potential and probable devious sources of the current global pandemic do not have anything to do with politics… (no pun intended)…rather, they have to do with the open eyes of man and the mark of human beings who have experience and education in dealing with other human beings rather than charts, statistics and consistently conflicting information meant to divert the average world citizen from the truth.

In order for an individual to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for nursing I would say it would be beneficial to that end for one to stand on the sidelines of nursing in every specialty, observing the tedious, complicated and sacrificial processes involved before attempting to browbeat the professionalism and intellect of a nurse.

Nevertheless, your opinion is as counted as mine.

Have a good night.


Nurse, writer: medical, family, addiction and wellness. See my blog flourishmedicinehealthandaddiction.com. Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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