How to Write by the Seat of Your Pants

When Time to Do So is a Closing Window In Your Day

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As a multitasking mom who is trying to prioritize my writing, I really get frustrated that all the little things in life accumulating on any given day are such HUGE barriers to my spending the time to really work out a draft in my head and on the screen.

I want to encourage all writers whose days only include the opportunity to get down to business and put thoughts on a page; those writers who may only have an hour at a time once or twice in the day to do so.

There are many of us whose family responsibilities are so demanding that we have to really work at eeking out time to write.

Here are 3 must haves to completing at least one piece of work a day:

First, while you initially go about tending to the day’s needs, think to create a solid topic you want to write about when you get the moments to do it. It will be jelly-like, but nevertheless a present and firm direction for you to begin working on. Write it down.

Secondly, when you do sit down to write, spend a few moments reading over at least one other writer’s work on Medium and commenting on it. It will encourage your efforts and perhaps help build on your original idea.

Lastly, write everything as a brainstorm, like we were taught in junior high.
Put everything you are thinking about your subject down on the page… warts, roses and all. Make it a big, messy scribble of necessary and unnecessary words and thoughts.

When the house is calm again, whether during a child’s naptime, or a parent’s downtime (your parent/family member if you are their caretaker. Not all of us are tending to small children) or as in my case, after 9 pm when my little Charlie goes to bed, go back to your love and prune and primp it. You will be exhausted, but focus for 30–60 minutes.

Work to produce a succinct and direct work, not a delicious novel. This type of approach will produce more daily pieces than stressing how to get four hour blocks of writing time into an impossible busy schedule. Most often, that will not occur.

I am slowly having to accept this type of perspective as I have more appointments and necessary, unexpected interruptions than usual this month.

I hope this quick redirect helps the writers who almost want to give up for the moment, second to all the craziness of family, health or other pertinent and demanding issues of life.

Do not give up. Even for a moment. Writing MUST be done. Words MUST be written, Stories MUST be told.

You only get one life. Live it. Tell it.

Nurse, writer: medical, family, addiction and wellness. See my blog Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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