My goodness, Anna. I am sorry to be so blunt about your post, but your comments stem from someone who has absolutely no experience or expertise in the area of CBD research, deaths by heroin and opioids, (in lieu of CBD treatment) and the terminology of medical marijuana treatment.

No one is helped by “using” ANY drug, and advocating for medical marijuana prescription by practitioners for their patients is not advocating for anyone smoking pot…neither is the use of CBD.

CBD and whole plant research and medical treatment are NOT a free-for-all pot legality.

I would not have to turn too far to ask a medical professional about marijuana, because I am a nurse, and advocate for CBD in the treatment of multi-symptoms and an expert in seeing the benefit of CBD use for treating heroin addiction.

Pot-induced psychosis, on the whole, is a fabricated agenda by those who do not want to see, do not want to fund research for and do not want to have to change their traditional lucrative pain medication regimens for…in order to accept the extremely affordable and medically beneficial whole plant treatment methodology.

And your words on Daniel Amen, MD? I am quite sure you have never researched this practitioner, but I have. I called his office 2 years ago to desperately request his seeing my son who has a terrible heroin addiction. Amen claimed that he specialized in severe cases. His office staff kindly refused his Medicaid and let me know my son could only receive treatment after paying 300+ per (x3) initial visit costs. (Heroin addicts and the single mothers of heroin addicts do not have this kind of cash on hand.) As a medical professional, I am of the notion that non-charletan providers are going to be pro-active in helping populations they claim to care about and not bar them from life-saving care, all the while…lining their pockets with ill-gotten gain from the desperate and vulnerable.

I also researched the responses of many past and would-be patients who had had high hopes of getting help through his treatments, but were sorely disappointed due to their treatment plans that included their being prescribed several medications at a time.

Big Pharma is neither holistic nor offers unconventional treatment, such as Amen claims to provide.

And Amen’s solution to getting patients’ addictive and repetitive negative behaviors under control? Anti-psychotics.

And that’s better than CBD, which heals, not masks?

Please research, as I requested of the writer of this article, the true movement of medical marijuana. Medical professionals, mental health professionals and addiction treatment professional who ACTUALLY want to see their patients heal and remain alive are advocating for the research and use of many of the properties of the marijuana plant and this has NOTHING to do with pot-smoking.

Medicine, wellness/mental health, addiction/parenting. See my blog Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

Medicine, wellness/mental health, addiction/parenting. See my blog Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…