Olivia, there was a movie set in the 50’s about a working single mother of 3. She came home one day to find out the state had come and taken the kids without notice. She searched and searched for years and was told several lies by the state in the mean time. When she finally came close years later to discovering the whereabouts of her kids, the small town’s library holding the records mysteriously went up in flames. She was devastated and hopeless.

Some 10 or more years after that she did finally find them all and was reunited with them. The kids had been told that she had been killed and she had been told that they were either dead or just untraceable, but she persevered and finally got her children, now adults, back and had a relationship with them.

Terrifying what states will do to cover their crimes. If you have a glimmer of interest, even if you feel its hopeless, I would keep looking. Peoplesearch was a good resource for this kind of things about 10 years ago.

By the way, the movie was based on an actual story and stayed close to the real truth of it all. I sure wish you luck in whatever you choose to do.

I know I would want to know whom and where I came from and especially if I had sisters or brothers.

Love to you.

Nurse, writer: medical, family, addiction and wellness. See my blog flourishmedicinehealthandaddiction.com. Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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