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*Disclaimer: this article is not for Trump supporters*

Trump’s inauguration ushered in a sick and toxic attitude that has pervaded an underestimating and unassuming American public.

Facebook is exposing that pervasion through its revealing of a very ugly sector of America’s white, both rich and not rich, and both educated and glaringly undereducated inhabitants.

No man can accurately judge the heart of another, but that’s to say, one has to have a heart for that sentence to be relevant.

If there is one thing missing from the Trump administration…it’s a heart. Just common courtesy and integrity aside, it’s very safe to say that if a man claims to be a Christian, salvation must have a heart to reside in, therefore Trump is NOT a believer. John 13:35

And I will back that up in another article.

However, this article is about the uselessness and biblically criminal and heartless, judgmental, hate filled garbage that Trump followers and even Christ followers of this day and age are spewing on virtual and steel platforms.

If you are going to tell the world what God believes and thinks of the humans he created with his own hands, perhaps it would behoove you to actually know WHO God is.

Last time I checked, Jesus was busy uplifting women, (not degrading them) requiring his disciples to help and provide for the poor (not shame them and diminish their worth for being in need) and reviling the hypocritical zealots who blasted their own pious horns in public.

Sound familiar. The problem is huuuuuge.

God so loved the world (US= you, me…EVERYONE) that He sent His only Son, His only boy, (Jesus) from comfy, perfect Heaven to the backbiting, hateful world to die a horrific, abusive, alienating bloodfilled death so that we as humans could have the opportunity to have our wrongs…our biblically descriptive sins, completely and forever forgiven through the death of a totally sinless and blameless God-became-man sacrifice.

We then are left to choose from two options:

The first is to either surrender our selfish, willful living and desires to Him due to our understanding and then belief that Jesus is God’s Son and did die for man (humans) to reconcile us back to Him through Jesus’ sacrifice, in exchange for an absolutely free and totally effortless on our part, gift to receive we keep for all time.

Or else, deny this gift and be certain that, according to His Word (not according to a man’s opinion of the translation of that Word) we will not be with God forever and the alternative is not rosy, fun or even just plain nothingness, but rather terrifying and real. Hot to be exact, and painful. FOREVER.

This is not my rendition of the truth God lays out. Read the entirety of the Bible, specifically in Matthew 25:46, Proverbs 15:24 and in Thessalonians 1:9.

Choose Life.

The gift Christ offers is a real and tangible life that will never end and one to be lived out on earth now and in Heaven later after either the death of our current earthly body or after Jesus returns.

At the Resurrection, Jesus will gather His people to Himself and take us to Heaven to live thereafter with God and with Jesus, who after dying on the cross so many years ago, was raised from the dead and returned to heaven in a human body.


Why is this impactful and why is this relevant to the premise that God is not currently judging and browbeating humans today as blind ignorance is doing to others?

Because Jesus is not separated from the human experience with no understanding of human plights, confusions and traumas. He lived for 33 years as a human being in a human body with a perfect spirit as THE SON of God.

He knows sin. He knows how it feels to have wrong thoughts and urges. He knows what it feels like to not know what to do, what it feels like to be alone and not be able to tell others who He really is. He knows what it’s like to have a step-father (Joseph) and how it feels to be separated from his Father and family.

All without doing wrong.

But we are not God. We do sin. We do react wrongly and make wrong choices and hurt ourselves and others.

WE are in need of saving.

He was Not. He was and is the Saviour.

So could he have hate or in his heart towards any man, towards any gender, towards any race or sexual orientation?

God hates only one thing: sin, not man.

His Word is VERY clear on what He defines as sin. No argument, fellow humans.

But Jesus’ job was to come and die for ALL people. No exceptions.

Where in John 3:16 does it state For God so loved that world, except for transgender people, except for gay people, except for poor people, except for people involved in choosing abortions, except for people struggling with their own desire to stay alive?…NOWHERE does God’s Word have an exception to His love, acceptance and generosity!

All people were born through HIM and have a plan and a purpose designed by GOD.

End of sentence. End of story.

God is Love and because He is, He let His own Son go to gain all of us.

Would YOU give up a child of your own to save the life of one or some who HATED you? Who reviled your creation, your person and the order of life and earth that you so meticulously pieced together FOR them?

No, of course not, which is why it was ever only done once through Christ.

We are not placed on this earth to judge the decisions and acts of others in the name of standing up for the authority of Christ.

We are called to love all with the authority of Christ, pointing the Way to the cross and to Love through our example of living out what Jesus taught and what God demands in His Word.

His authority is what calls us to love and to lift others through grace and understanding…not finger pointing, dejecting and degrading God’s designs.

No, this world is NOT living according to His Word, but only God is judge of man’s sin and decisions.

The Great Commission was not to go forth and spread intolerance and hate, but rather to to go forth and spread the Gospel.

And what exactly is the Gospel?

It is the message that no man can earn his way to heaven. No man is better than another and no man is lesser than another. Only through the belief of the message that Jesus (as God’s Son) died on the cross as a sacrifice replacing every man’s debt for his own sin is salvation then made real to an individual and knowledge that man himself can do nothing to earn forever life and a relationship with God and Jesus. It is free to accept and have.

So no man can rightfully tear down another man as their being less than, despicable, too “dirty” or unwanted as God Himself finds every person worthy of his Son’s sacrifice through the sacrifice made itself.

Get off Facebook, step back from the podium and relieve yourself of your political campaign to “MAGA” when you don’t even know the God you say you serve.

Funny, I never heard so many people at one time confess to be God-fearin’ and Bible believin’ as when one man whom had NEVER before confessed to being a Christian, nor had done even ONE good thing in the name of anyone or anything, let alone in the name of God, suddenly saw Christ’s name as a tool to gain the affections of rich, white and the many undereducated “Christ followers” who hold such averse prejudice against the very beings their God sent His Son for.

Huh. John 3:16.

Love sent His only Love to die for those He loved so that He could bring us to Heaven so He could love us forever.

Guess Love Trumps Hate.

Know your Bible and the God you say you serve if you are going to openly confess to being a Christ follower.

God is Love.

God is Peace.

The Sixties got it right, man. Spread love not hate.

Make America Great Again.

Nurse, writer: medical, family, addiction and wellness. See my blog Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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