Hope your day is good today.

In response to your last post, I see that you are demanding of me the same thing you claim I am asking of you.

I would like to know if you seriously believe Trump has accomplished anything other than the murderous trail at the border, a slew of insolent and ignorant, unintelligible statements to the press about EVERYTHING he is questioned on, only of his own ridiculously false accomplishments in economy, healthcare and foreign relations?

Let’s dig a little deeper. How will you explain his stealing 1 million dollars from Scottish Rite CHILDREN’S fund? I am sure you may claim that is a lie as well…because a rich, white, fascist woman-race-and disability hating human being would never do that, would he?

I sincerely hope that you do not actually believe ANY segment of society has an all time low rate of unemployment when all that has been contrived in the economy regarding jobs for all races here in good ‘ole America is part-time jobs (and jobs that do not offer more than 10–15 hours a week) that do not provide benefits of ANY kind…part time jobs that cannot singularly support any man or woman of any race. So out with that theory of accomplishment.

Stay away from the false data it appears you are accepting. Research, instead, his history of behaviour…in business, in his personal life and his public life… and see his total lack of affiliation with anything church-related in all of his life, as well. He has never acted in any way in any time of his life that would give anyone the idea that he has ANY personal values or morals other than the pursuit of wealth…at anyone’s and everything’s expense.

He is not a Godly man in search of a route to return America to Christian values.

He has never cared about one thing in his life but himself and the presidency has only enhanced that disgusting trait.

Go out into the workplaces, childcare centers, CPS centers, homeless gatherings, school systems, colleges, THE BORDER, for Christ’s sake, and gather REAL data.

I live the real data everyday, dealing with a plummetting healthcare system who has lost funding for low income and indigent cares across the whole country, school systems who cannot afford to pay their teachers enough for them to work JUST their teaching jobs, non-profit centers that cannot provide enough Suboxone or CBD trials to keep heroin addicts alive.

See this:

And read between the lines on the article stating Trump is assisting the education system. His designee, Betsy De Voss is funneling ALL school funding to parochial and charter schools in an effort to mostly cover exorbitant desires of the Christian school system…not for God’s sake, but because these people are the idiots who nedd money to fund their agenda to roll back minorities constitutional rights through re-implementing intolerance teaching against every sector that is not white, straight and rich…beginning at the Pre-K level in “Christian schools.”

As a preacher’s daughter,and a Christian, I have personally experienced and witnessed the effects that these type of pious, indignant hypocrites inflict on the masses and I do NOT approve of defunding any human beings and their causes just because some or all may oppose my line of thinking. I actually stands on the side of all human rights…which Trump absolutely does NOT.

The only aspect you are correct on is that TRUMP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT MY FEELINGS…NOR YOURS. Leaders who do care, make decisions in the fields I mentioned and create public and foreign policy that change and better the lives of their citizens. THIS is caring for one’s country.

What can you point to to say you have seen personally and experienced personally that are tangible changes for the better that Trump has DONE…not what he said he did, but what he has done? What benefit can you say you have actually experienced in your home, community and state that lines up with his claims?

What Trump HAS created, by way of his erodious and vile lack of respect for honorable communication and the respect of human beings, is grant permission for the character of the country to return to white supremacy, to include hate against human beings who are not white, rich, straight or on HIS side and an agenda to remove all non-whites from any ground they have attained in way of equality.

You do not need an article or data to see what is front of you. This man is a total disgrace to men, everywhere, to leadership worldwide and to any office of American government, let alone the President.

Again, I challenge you to give reason for and to disprove his vile speech, his satirical and sarcastic repertouire and his hate and bigotted opinions and treatment of EVERYONE who’s hand is not in his back pocket and vice versa.

And I do disagree…this issue is VERY personal to each and every person affected by his lies, his filthy perceptions of woman, non-white races, the disabled, and the murders his decisions have perpetuated. He cares nothing for children…this alone makes him unfit for any office, anywhere at any time.

Time will reveal the falsities that he has thoroughly and manipulatingly convinced so many unsuspecting and vulnerable people of.

Nurse, writer: medical, family, addiction and wellness. See my blog flourishmedicinehealthandaddiction.com. Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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