Shannon, have you ever considered that your aggressive efforts to tear apart everyone who does not see things as you do religiously could possible hurt the reputation of the one true innocent in all of the world's chaos...Jesus?

HE does not condone all the lies, filth and horrific murders of omission, consequence and intent occurring in His name, but people who constantly wave the flag of ex-Christian, ex-evangelical and ex-of-the-faith who make it a mission to disprove all they have "learned" (most of which was wrongful information and teaching to begin with) are not re-directing ANYONE reading their material and comments to the real person of GOD...and this is a betrayal of Christ.

He is just and kind and full of goodness...where is that message? What man does is inevitable and of the nature of man. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not man.

I'd like to see your talent in an article promoting this truth.

Nurse, writer: medical, family, addiction and wellness. See my blog Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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