The Explosive Worldwide Death Count by Opioids that has a Silent, Insidious Source

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The opioid crises is not an accident.

I cannot impress this fact upon you more.

If you have been affected by the heroin addiction of someone in your life or are compassionate to the cause, this article is meant to address a serious truth concerning the opioid crises in our world.

Due to my own son and the birth mother of my custodial 3 year old grandson being afflicted by heroin addiction, I began actively researching recently how opioids and specifically heroin, affect the brain…and why heroin addicts in particular seem so tortured and enslaved to this drug.

What is actually occurring to cause the enormous spread of opioid addiction and fatal overdoses:

In learning the intimate nuances of the drug, its actions within the pleasure site in the brain, the dopamine cycle, the developing tolerance and the brain’s subsequent learned behaviour to use and behest the drug, I began to see something that is rarely openly pinpointed as an obvious factor in heroin abuse: the fact that the insatiable “reward system” which is the center of the development of intense addiction is being used as a tool in a simply devised plan.

As a knowledgeable and experienced medical professional, I began to feel something in the pit of my stomach that I did not expect to experience in my research; I began to realize the convergent spread of the use of the substance of heroin is not accidental. This drug is being used as a tool…and being distributed for use as a tool.

That tool’s purpose is to both enslave and murder mass numbers of human beings.

I understand that my observation will be labelled a conspiracy theory.

However, it is not important whether this information is considered a conspiracy theory or not.

What is important is that the truth be revealed.

The action of this drug is very simple. It’s addictive property is so swift and the result is so overwhelmingly fatal that one cannot ignore what is happening in relation to the sleek and lurking movement of the drug throughout society.

The user of heroin will immediately feel such a heightened state of well-being that normal emotions can no longer compete, especially for people who have untreated depressive feelings or trauma in their lives. My son describes the initial experiences as “having ‘that full feeling’ in my head and heart that I have been missing.”

After repeated use of the drug, the opioid receptors become damaged, “stretched” to a point that the user must increase their dosing of heroin to receive that or any comparable effect, but sadly for their misguided efforts to feel more whole, the user is never able to re-retrieve that euphorial comfort of the beginning use.

Consequently, a loop develops in which the brain is now demandingly dependent on receiving the heroin, but the positive effect is no longer achievable…what is left is vapid withdrawal…and the brain’s insistence for heroin.

Self control cannot even be considered a reasonable factor for resolution of the addiction.

The brain literally takes over and wants heroin over any other substance, sustenance or reprieve.

Who are the guilty culprits of such a repulsive, vile orchestration of disaster?

I am at an impasse to have to say that only medically and chemically knowledgeable professionals and globally economically powerful individuals working together on an insidious agenda could be at the centerpoint of creating something this widely devastating and apparently effective.

Heroin has taken hundreds of thousands of young would-be leaders, unsuspecting and experimenting young adults and many other influential and powerful-in-their-own-right human beings…too many for it to be pure mistake and accidental. This substance abuse problem is too widespread, too innocuous and infective to be the result of simple poor human decision making.

If the average American or world citizen believes that the Powers That Be are not involved in an attempt to reduce this generation’s voice of political opposition to the explicitly evil and degradent acts of politicians and lawmakers and others of influence…I sincerely hope they choose to reconsider this fact before they lose someone to an opioid overdose, themselves.

The opioid crises is not an accident.

There are wicked and record reprobate actions being taken against the health and very lives of the citizens of the world in efforts to reduce the population due to several factors, but inherently because the probability exists that educated and concerned individuals will soon recognize, protest and fight brazenly against what we are learning is happening to us in many arenas at the hands of world government agenda.

They know revolt is probable, so the weaker or deader we are, the less likely damage occurs to that agenda and its creators’ pocketbooks.

Sound crazy?

The downward spiral in morals and ethics in the dealings of the needs and rights of mankind has hit astronomical speed in the last 10–20 years, and especially in the last 5.

Country and world leaders are not held accountable for their words or actions in this changing world so the inner workings of those governments are left to distribute “truth” as they see fit to devise and dole out maleficent plans to rid themselves of the world’s most needy recipients of healthcare, education and other inalienable rights.


Simply put, they do not wish to spend anything on the common man and they believe the common man is incapable of worthy actions or deservant of respect, good health, excellent education…to the point they actually believe that ridding the world of undeservants is an inevitable priority.

Thus, I sincerely believe our lives are under attack through the devious spread of addictive substances and other deadly tactics put in place to reduce not only the overall population, but very specifically, certain sectors of the world’s population.

If not addressed as the demonizing and deadly plan that it is, heroin will accomplish this goal.

Heroin is doing it, along with many other routes implemented throughout society that we are deceived into believing is for our own good.

Sound like the Survival of the Fittest? Well, it is.

Read below where our own government was caught participating within the “conspiracy” that it is at the heart of propelling addiction and death through addiction:

Langley, Virginia | A major explosion occurred last night at the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency, igniting a fire which almost completely destroyed an annex of the building and led to the discovery of a suspected drug lab.

“The various chemicals found on the scene are either used to produce methamphetamine or fentanyl, and we also found a lot of drugs,” said FCSO spokesman, Jared Matters. “We also found large quantities of these two drugs in a nearby storage room that was spared by the fire.”

This is not the first time that the CIA is accused of manufacturing and trafficking illegal drugs.

While the CIA was sponsoring a Secret War in Laos from 1961 to 1975, it was accused of trafficking in opium. The CIA made its own internal inquiries of its staff and clients in Laos concerning the drug trade and admitted that small amounts of opium had been smuggled via their contract aircraft.

Fentanyl is causing the sudden death of meth and heroin users as it is furtively being added to the latter and is also peddled independent of other opioids.

Whose idea was that? Traditionally dealers do not have concern for the lives of their clients, but street dealers do not have cause to proactively push the death of vast numbers of their own clients…either from straight heroin or Fentanyl laced heroin/methamphetamines…it kills their lucrative business in the end.

Who does stand to benefit from the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people? Anyone in a position expected to spend time and money on certain populations that the holder of that/those position(s) does not want to spend.

This article is meant to open the eyes of the average human being to a worldwide problem, death by heroin addiction, and to the disputed idea that heroin’s widespread distribution is not the working of the drug world, but rather part of a sordid plan to remove large sections of the population, specifically the poor, the underserved and our youth whose potential to change the world is the target to halt and curtail through mass addiction and death.

There are many reasons for the plight of the poor healthcare and steady rise of deathrate of Americans in general. I have spoken about my concern and opinion of Big Pharma in other articles, but my most passionate concern is the loss of so many young people to heroin addiction.

The idea that opioid addiction and its accompanied rampant death is a formulated plan can be pondered upon in reading an article from

A more authoritative conversation is held on the subject in a 2019 Global Research article whose sources are retrieved from a previously written 2016 Silent Crow News article.

The death of so many so rapidly and so insidiously is not a simple individual addict’s mistake. It appears to me that this is the working of something far more sinister that will not be stopped until the general public worldwide sees and accepts that heroin and opioids are purposefully being manipulated to fulfill an unseen scheme to eliminate powerful, yet vulnerable parts of the world’s populations.

Nurse, writer: medical, family, addiction and wellness. See my blog Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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