Missing my youngest son out there somewhere

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Photo by Corey Motta on Unsplash

I’ve lost my sweet friend, my confidante
The genius mind that’s you
There’s nothing left for me to hold
So I hang on alone,
Waiting for you

All my life, I’ve loved
Being so close to you
Knowing what you were thinking
And planning what we were to do

I’ve loved the way our hearts would beat
And our minds would think
In a rhythm just the same
Nobody made me feel as proud of me
For having someone like you

And now I cannot hear your heartbeat
It’s no longer close to me
Your laugh may be in the distance
But it’s no longer mine to listen to
And no longer meant for me.

I know you haven’t eaten or slept
And I know that you are hurting
And you are as lost as me.
Heroin feels like a person
But is just death in reality

I wait to see your prodigal face
To hug you and love you and welcome you home
If only you would come home.
My heart is broken
My heart is broken

Nurse, writer: medical, family, addiction and wellness. See my blog flourishmedicinehealthandaddiction.com. Published Amazon author: Of Death and Brokenness…

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